Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am the tiny witness

Last night I tuned out as candidates argued. I felt guilty but not engaged. On the walk home, I got wound back into the vividness of life when I learned that a dear friend of mine brought new life into this world. (Congratulations and Wow and more than I can say.)

This morning I was by turns delayed, confused, side tracked, and trapped underground on my way to work. I never even made it in time to teach my first class. Hundreds of us were interrupted this morning because of an "incident" on a particular subway line. Whispers of speculation accompanied the groans of protest all along the city. When I found my way to my quiet office, I found out what happened. A man jumped in front of a 1 train in the dark morning today. He died.

Then I taught my class and went home. But as I go about my Tuesday afternoon, I am acutely aware that things are going on that are bigger than my own concerns. Humbled, awed, and overwhelmed is the only way I can go through this life.  Perspective makes me know that I am small, but I am grateful.

How are you?

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  1. We have an unfortunate amount of those sorts of incidents with the Caltrains and BART here. What's really heartbreaking to me about it is when people actually know WHY they are being delayed, and they make crass, unfeeling comments about why this guy decided to off himself when THEY had such important things to do, like get to a meeting or make a coffee date with a client.